Garage Door Installation – Hire a Professional

Once you’ve decided to purchase a garage door you should contact a company with professional technicians to do the garage door installation. There are numerous reasons to hire a professional door company like S&S Overhead Door Inc. rather than to attempt a do-it-yourself project. Remember your overhead door will likely be the door that get’s used the most and will need to be installed and maintained properly.


Garage door installation may seem to be a straightforward project, but not following the proper steps or install procedures can easily lead to an injury.  Items such as torsion springs can be especially dangerous if not handled correctly. Safety sensors, operators, track, cables etc. can all create safety issues if not handled correctly.


The technicians at S&S Overhead Door have years of experience and knowledge to be sure your door is installed correctly. Online videos can be extremely helpful at times when trying to figure out the how to. However, they can also be somewhat miss leading and can leave out vital information that a trained professional will know. Let us use our experience to save you time, frustration and money. Not having the proper experience may also cause the door not to function or last as long as it should. A qualified technician may also catch a faulty or defective part. Our trucks are fully stock to deal with these issues instead of you having to chase down a replacement part. Because the garage door is often the main entry point to the home – why chance an expensive repair? Call the professionals.


While most garage doors come with a warranty – not having the door installed by a professional company can lead to the warranty being void or pro-rated. Door manufacturers prefer to have the product installed by qualified technicians and will stand behind their product when a professional door company such as S&S Overhead Door has performed the installation.

We all seem to want to have more time and money. Calling a professional to install your door leaves you free to spend your time doing the things you enjoy, rather than trying to complete a potentially frustrating project. Because of our experience and equipment, we can install your door in a timely fashion to save you money.

When it comes to time for the installation – call the professionals at S&S Overhead Door.