Should I replace my garage doors?

You use and look at your garage door every day, but how do you know if you should replace your garage door? In many cases, the garage door is the main access point to the home, so it should warrant attention. If you are considering replacing your garage doors, there are several key items to consider before making your decision.

Curb appeal

One of the most common reasons to replace a garage door is to give your home a fresh new look. Installing new garage doors can change the look of your home dramatically and give it an up-to-date look. This could be especially valuable if you are considering selling your home as it is an effective way to raise its value and make it more desirable on the market. If it simply needs a facelift, there are also ways to update the look of your doors such as adding windows or decorative hardware.


New garage doors are more energy efficient, which leads to savings on your utility bills. Many homes were built with non-insulated or lightly insulated doors that do not seal properly during cold Minnesota winters. When you replace your garage doors, we also recommend installing new weather seals to improve efficiency. New doors will also operate efficiently with less maintenance.


If your doors are only a few years old, still fit well with the look of your home, and are functioning, it might be that they simply need some maintenance and attention.

Garage Door Replacement Options

It’s certainly natural to think of how the door looks first – what color, panel, and window style. These are usually the first considerations, but how the door is built and its functions are probably the most important thing for you to know. We encourage you to look closely at the construction of the door, which will likely determine how long and how well it will perform. Most doors have a similar aesthetic on the exterior, but some can be deceiving and costly in the long run.

If you are considering replacing your doors, S&S Overhead Door can help you with recommendations, product information, style options, and cost analysis to help you make a choice that works for you. We encourage you to browse our gallery, visit Midland Garage Doors for interactive styling, or stop by our office and visit with us.