Why won’t my garage door open?

You’re in a hurry to leave home, and you find out your garage door won’t open. What a frustrating start to the day. The issue might be easy to diagnose and fix, so let’s discuss a few possible causes. If you still need help, call a qualified garage door company like S&S Overhead to repair the issues.

Here are a few simple things to check for when your door won’t open or close:

Garage Door Springs

Torsion and extension springs provide a counterbalance to help lift the garage door. When a spring breaks, it can be difficult to raise the door. Torsion Springs are located above the door header and are the most common. An older door may have extension springs running parallel to the horizontal door track. If you see you have a broken spring, it is best to call a trained professional. When you call S&S Overhead Door, it is helpful to have a few details on hand including: the approximate size of the door, if it is a single-stall or two-stall door, and is insulated or non-insulated. We stock most of the common size springs so we can make the repair promptly and get you on your way. If your springs are not a common size, we also stock spring wire to custom-make torsion springs.

One additional thing to note on torsion springs is that while only one of your springs may be broken it is best to replace both at the same time. Typically a single-car door may only have one spring, while a two-car stall will have two. If one spring has broken, it is likely the other will soon reach the end of its life as well. Replacing both springs can avoid a second service call.

Garage Opener Sensors

Safety sensors, or photo eyes, that are attached to the door track near the bottom are also a common issue with the door not operating properly. If the eyes are out of alignment, have broken or loose wires, or are obstructed, the operator and door will not function properly. Check to be sure the eyes are lit (generally one green and one amber light), free from dust and cobwebs, and out of direct sunlight. Each of these things can cause them to malfunction, so take a quick check to be sure they are free from these obstructions.

Track, Rollers, Cables

A track that is loose or damaged can cause the door to bind and not open properly. Rollers that are bent or seized can put tension on the door and make it difficult to roll. Take a quick look at these items to see if anything looks damaged.

Other Troubleshooting Options

Some additional issues could be faulty or damaged wall buttons, dead batteries in a remote transistor or keypad, and operators damaged by lightning.

Regardless of the issue, if your garage door won’t open our team is here to help you keep your day moving. If you have any questions or would like to have us come inspect your door, give us a call. Doing a quick check of the items above can help provide helpful information for us to correctly and safely repair your springs, sensors, or tracking and keep frustration short-lived.